Westwood D&D

Crown of the Kobald King

Only the desperate and the brave is the proud motto of Falcon’s Hollow. Few choose a life on the outskirts of Darkmoon, whose dim, mist-laden forests are prowled by feral beasts, reeking trolls, and the restless souls of the dead. Fewer still possess the steely will to venture into the haunted ruins of the once-great dwarven kingdom. For those brave enough to claim them, treasures surpassing the dreams of princes and poets rest beneath the rocky slopes of Droskar’s Crag, but so too does an ancient evil. Sibilant whispers ride the vale winds after nightfall, jumbled promises of doom, blasphemy, and rot hissed from the darkness beneath the
mountain. From deep below the earth come soul-shredding abominations, and as these unspeakable horrors rise, the lesser denizens of these dwarven ruins are forced to the surface.

Hallow's last Hope

Charged by herbalist Laurel to cure the afflicted town, the PCs venture into Darkmoon
Vale to secure the ingredients required to cure Falcon’s Hollow of the
blackscour taint. Along their path, the PCs encounter numerous forest denizens, hints
of growing dangers within the woodlands, and the ruins of a dilapidated dwarven
holding—the domain of a ferocious, bestial master.

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